Royal kamsa, Son of king Ugrasena got his sister Devaki married to Vasudeva and one day he drove them in a chariot. He heard a voice Heaven "The eighth baby that will be born in the womb of your sister will be the cause for your death".

Kamsa stopped the chariot and tired to kill his sister. Vasudeva promised to handover to Kamsa each baby that would be born to Devi still Kamsa put cuffs to the couple and put them in a prison. Vasudeva brought every baby born to Devi and handed it over to Kamsa. Kamsa killed the babies mercilessly. Kamsa anxiously waiting for the eighth baby of Devi. Lord Krishna was born to Devi. He himself ordered Vasudeva to place him by the side of Propaganda’s wife and to bring Mayadevi bor to her to be brought to the prison. Yasoda, who was known as Vasumati and Tara, had changed into Asareera Devi and grew up as the daughter of the minister of king Crappie. She married Propaganda and gave birth to Mayadevi . Sri Krishna was born to Devi in Prison.

Sri Krishna appeared before Devi and Vasudeva. He has his wife weapons in his hands. He reminded Devi and Vasudeva about their previous birth. He said that he would grow in Yasoda’s house and punish the wicked and protect the righteous. He had caused the children of Rani to be born in the womb of Devaki . Mayadevi was born to yasodha and was brought to the prison to make believe that she born to Devaki. when Kamsa tried to kill her, she kicked at his chest and flew to skies and that was the Divine Mayadevi.

As lord Krishna was growing with Yasoda, Kamsa sent many demons to kill Krishna. Lord Krishna killed Poodana who came with pretext of breast feeding him. He also killed Sakatasura and Trunavartha also. Then his nomenclature was done by sakya Muni. Lord Krishna entered Ashikaga’s houses and ate butter. He ate mud also Yasoda was stunned.

He opened his mouth saying that he did not sat mud. The entire Universe was visible to Yasoda. That was Lord Sri Krishna. And it was Goddess Bhavani who has manifested herself on earth to relieve the digress of human beings and to give them all Happiness and prosperity and to wipe off their sins.

When Vasudeva was crying Sri Krishna to Reparable, in the stormy night, Disestablish spread his hood over Vasudeva’s head and protected him form drenching. The river Ramayana split and gave way Vasudeva left Sri Krishna by the side of Yasoda and brought Mayadevi to Devi.

Without breaking his promise, Vasudeva gave the information to Kamsa about the birth of the eighth baby. Kamsa rushed to the prison, snatched the baby from Devi’s hands. Seeing that it was a female child, he was a little carefree but still he threw it up and waited for it to fall on the stone and die. The baby warned Kamsa that the child born to kill him was growing in Propaganda’s house. Lord Bhavani is the same Mayadevi who warned Kamsa and came to parametrically.




In Tamil Nadu which is a Part of the sacred Bharat continent, the elegant Telugu language and the pure Tamil language have mixed like milk and honey and these two language are spoken by the people. Our Beloved Tamilnadu has wiped off the ignorance of caste and creed and has been producing great poets who have found great principles and morals .Many Saiva Temple through Nayanmars,and many Vaishnavite temples through Azhwars have been established in Tamil Nadu. Lord Kumaraswami also has made a hill as his abode in Tamil Nadu and is thrilling his devotees with his miraculous sports .There are many other temples also in Tamil Nadu and they are a feast for the eyes.

Tiruvellore District, North and South Arcot Districts and Chennapatnam are the parts of Tamil nadu.

There are some important Vaishnava temples in some Talus of Correlative district and in Correlative Talk, sri Veera Ragavar Perumal temple in Correlative is famous among them .Twenty miles to the South of this place, on the Parathion road is Periyapalayam where the tranquil and all merciful Goddess Bhavani has manifested herself.

The great sage sadasiva did severe penance like Bhagiratha and obtained many boons .He got the waterfalls enter the pond .Then this water mingled with many rivulets and formed into a big river called Kattaru .Goddess Bhavani's temple is to the west of this river .To the east of this temple is Andarkuppam where Lord Brahmanism Swami is seated on peacock .West Arani is full of forests periyapalayam is the place where Goddess Bhavani has manifested herself and is purifying the sinner and blessings noble persons with prosperity and happiness and protecting her devotees since thousands of years.